Top Countertops Colors to Pair with Dark Cabinets

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a corner of a large kitchen with arched windows, dark wood cabinetry, white veined countertop, and beige flooring

If you’re toying with the idea of dark cabinets but are unsure what color countertops go with dark cabinets, then read on. Here’s our guide to the best countertops for dark cabinets.

While white countertops and kitchen cabinets have dominated American kitchen trends for decades, 2020 saw an increase in the rise of moodier tones, particularly all-black kitchens . While this trend might be too extreme for some, countertops with dark cabinets can add a distinctive touch to classic and traditional kitchens.

Choosing countertops for dark cabinets can be challenging as it depends on the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve. If you’re toying with the idea of dark cabinets but are unsure what color countertops go with dark cabinets, then read on. Here’s our guide to the best countertops for dark cabinets.

Best Countertop Color for Dark Cabinets

There’s a presiding fear that dark cabinets make kitchens look smaller, but this isn’t the case when they form part of a strategic, comprehensive interior design.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

Dark kitchen cabinets with white countertops offer a high contrast that suits both modern and traditional kitchens. Offsetting dark cabinets with light countertops prevents claustrophobic feelings resulting from a kitchen being overwhelmingly dark. Keeping the walls white will make compact spaces feel bigger and brighter.

Alternatively, those looking for a dramatic and bold look can pair dark interiors and cabinets with light countertops and break the intensity with a lighter backsplash. Lighter tiles or granite colors provide some great backsplash ideas for dark cabinets and white countertops.

Carrara Gioia Marble

Carra Gioia Marble is an elegant white stone with intricate gray veining. Its clean, natural color makes it a popular choice, while its veining adds a unique texture to plain white surfaces.

Ariel Quartz

Simple and sophisticated, Ariel Quartz has a light eggshell bedrock. Its subtle pattern provides elegance to any style of kitchen. Ariel Quartz has minimal veining and will match any dark cabinet color.

Dark Cabinets with Light Countertops

If you want something with less of a startling contrast than black and white, you can pair dark wood with off-white or beige countertops. Like white countertops, they also reflect light, amplifying light in darker interiors or enhancing it in light ones.

Light countertops and dark cabinets work with many combinations such as maple wood and quartz, cherry wood and granite, or maple and marble – the options are endless! Along with moodier interiors, the trend adoption of oatmeal and beige palettes also matches well with this cabinet countertop combination.

Blanco Capri

This light cream quartz contains speckles of beige, white taupe, and light gray. It blends easily with many decor styles and is an excellent option if you’re looking for off-white stone backsplash ideas for dark cabinets and light countertops.

Colonial Gold Granite

This granite has a creamy gray background with brown, rust, and gray flecks and veining. Colonial Gold granite is incredibly durable and recommended for use in heavy-traffic spaces as well as exterior spaces that reach freezing temperatures.

Dark Cabinets with Gray Countertops

Gray cabinets became trendy in the early 2010s and still remain a reliable choice for homeowners wanting kitchen countertops with dark cabinets. Less stark than black or white, gray works with many colors because of its varying undertones that can fall within the dark or light color spectrum.

Kitchens with dark cabinets and dark countertops require a delicate balance of shades to prevent the room from feeling too small or cave-like. Dark cabinets with dark countertops often entail painting the room a lighter color or making the countertop a slightly lighter color than the cabinet and vice-versa if you want a less moody look.

Azul Imperiale Quartzite

Azul Imperiale Quartzite combines dove gray hues with blue undertones. If you need backsplash ideas for dark cabinets and dark countertops, consider quartz as it’s incredibly dense and durable.

Sheffield Quartz

This quartz has a dense dappled pattern of dark and light gray and beige. It combines well with our Galaxy Black cabinets or even Admiral Blue if you want dark kitchen cabinets with dark countertops.

Dark Cabinets with Yellow, Gold, or Light Brown Countertops

Countertops with hints of deep gold and yellow look rich and luxe when paired with darker cabinets as the dark cabinet colors compliment the lighter shades found in the natural stone and deepen the darker ones. They create a warm, welcoming environment in contrast with colder gray or black and white kitchens.

Below is an image from one of our Expresso Marble projects. The darker wood and cream-colored countertops work well with neutral-tiled backsplash. Yellow, gold, and light-brown countertops suit traditional designs but can be modified for contemporary tastes.

Solarius Granite

Solarius Granite features beautiful gold and brown colors accompanied by corroded hues and diverse brown and gray hues. Its breathtaking beauty will add value and enhance your kitchen space.

Lapidus Granite

Rich in golds and browns with small flecks of light, grays, and creams make Lapidus Granite another great option for dark cabinets due to its mesmerizing pattern. This granite is very uniform in pattern, so each part of your counter will have unique, natural beauty.


Dark cabinets pair well with many countertops options from gold to gray to black and white, whether you’re going for dark kitchen cabinets with dark countertops or light countertops and dark cabinets. Dark cabinets can be kitchen accents or part of a moodier design style like the current veer towards rich, earthier tones.

Pro Stone Countertops can help you choose the perfect countertop for your dark kitchen cabinets. We stock granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, travertine, and sintered stone to meet all your countertop needs. With over 20 years of experience, we’d love to help you choose the right countertops for dark cabinets. Give us a call today to book a consultation at (901) 662-895-475 or click here for a quote.