Top 10 Things to Consider Before Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

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a man choosing cabinet panel materials or countertops in varying colors and designs

New cabinets can instantly refresh your space, giving a whole new style to the same kitchen. However, the best cabinet choice for your kitchen depends on a few different factors.

Considering installing kitchen cabinets? New cabinets can instantly refresh your space, giving a whole new style to the same kitchen. However, the best cabinet choice for your kitchen depends on a few different factors, including budget, space, material preferences, and lighting.

The choice you go with will depend on your unique space, design, and layout, and making the best selection is essential to a functional yet beautiful space. Thankfully, our experts at Pro Stone Countertops are here to explain the top 10 things to consider before installing your new kitchen cabinets – and you won’t want to miss a single one.

What to Consider When Planning New Kitchen Cabinets

Using the Toe Kick Space

The kitchen cabinet toe kick is space below the cabinets where the frame meets the flooring. Typically, this space isn’t utilized and covered by paneling, but it can be a useful additional storage option.

For some kitchen cabinet toe kick ideas, we recommend utilizing this long-neglected space to install additional hidden pull-out drawers, creating more room to store your kitchen essentials. This can be installed with a discrete handle that, when you bend down, easily pulls out to reveal additional storage space. Worried about seeing what’s in there? Install strip lighting to make your hidden essentials visible when pulling out the drawer.

This is a great addition to smaller kitchens that need more storage space, avoiding crumbs from accumulating around the toe kick and instead implementing a refreshed, additional drawer.

What’s Your Budget?

As with every aspect of a remodel, staying within your budget is essential, and installing new kitchen cabinets on a budget is a totally doable task.

When you begin a remodel with a budget in mind, it’s easier to make sound decisions to remain within a certain price range. A lot goes into the final price of cabinets – from the materials to the design elements, shape, and quantity of cabinets. For this reason, it’s a must to set a budget in advance and work with a team of experts who will help you determine where it’s best to save or splurge on particular elements for a high-end kitchen remodel.

Space Conservation

Clutter is the ultimate hindrance to a beautiful kitchen finish. But how do we limit clutter in a space that’s as busy and with as many tools and accessories as a kitchen? There are a lot of space-saving kitchen elements that can help your kitchen look organized, no matter how many cups, pots, pans, and accessories you have.

The go-to space-saving ideas include installing a storage option on the underside of your kitchen cabinets to store your additional kitchen accessories, like can openers, glass openers, and other kitchen essentials. This will keep your countertops and other drawers mess-free.

Choose Materials Wisely

Once you have your design laid out and the style of cabinets selected, it’s time to choose kitchen cabinet materials . For long-lasting, lifetime kitchen cabinets, you’ll need high-quality, durable materials. There are many kitchen cabinet material options to choose from, but solid wood is always a go-to choice.

Once you’ve selected a particular cabinet, take the time to find out what materials it’s made with. Additionally, the shape, size, and height of cabinets can have an impact on the daily wear and tear, so be sure to take the time to ask questions about the longevity of your cabinet selection before installation.

What’s Inside?

So you know what the exterior of your cabinets looks like, but what about the inside?

Before committing to your cabinets, take a look at the inside of the kitchen cabinet shelves and storage space to ensure it can host all of your favorite mugs and plates. There are a lot of cabinets on the market, all with different shelving options and elements, including pull-out shelves or shelves that allow for extra-tall accessories. You can also opt for cabinets that have turning elements within – making it easy to find all of your pots and pans in a cinch.

The choice you go with depends on your kitchen needs, and it’s important to make the right selection for you to ensure a functional kitchen.


Sometimes, your regular kitchen lighting just doesn’t cut it, leaving cabinets dark and challenging to maneuver – but this doesn’t have to be the norm. Modern cabinet designs incorporate automatic lighting within cabinets, ensuring you can clearly see everything you have neatly tucked away. Plus, this is also great when it comes time to clean cabinets so you don’t miss a single crumb!

Easy to Access Appliances

We all want the countertop space open and available for all our recipe creations and bake-offs, but when you have a lot of appliances sitting on your surface, this can be a challenge. For this reason, it’s important to consider what appliances are must-haves and where you can incorporate them within your cabinet design.

One of the forgotten appliances that often ends up sitting on your countertop is the microwave. However, with a forward-thinking design, you can incorporate these appliances to better work around cabinets and the kitchen layout to keep them tucked away yet still easy to access without bending down or stepping on stools to reach.

Kitchen Cabinets’ Lifetime

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s easy to lean on the latest trends for guidance, but this isn’t always the best long-term solution.

When thinking about the lifetime of kitchen cabinets, it’s often best to stick with the classic styles. Instead of going with the trendiest, colorful, popular materials, or other super-hip elements with your cabinets, incorporate that style into your accessories or more affordable design choices. Remember, you’re building a kitchen to last through the years, and while trends are sure to come and go, you want your cabinet choice to withstand the tests of time.

What Goes First?

When completing your kitchen remodel, the debate of do you install flooring before cabinets must be ironed out before installation. We know a lot goes into remodeling a kitchen, and with a lot of moving parts – from new cabinets and floors to kitchen appliances and countertops – there’s a lot to consider.

So, should you install flooring before cabinets? Yes! It’s typically best practice to install your floors first. This is a safe choice as typically, cabinets are a bit of a distance above your floors, ensuring they won’t be damaged in the process. Plus, by already having the floors in, you’re ensuring a smooth, solid base for your cabinets to get installed upon.

Choose Professionals

No matter the cabinets you choose or the design elements you incorporate, opting for a professional service for everything from design ideas to construction and installation is key to ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Sometimes, you won’t realize all of the elements that go into designing a usable space, but an expert is sure to know all the ins and outs.

For all your kitchen design needs, from installing kitchen cabinets to creating a functional design and incorporating new countertops and other kitchen elements, our team at Pro Stone Countertops is here to help. Offering all of the best materials, backed by years of experience, our experts know just how to upgrade your space for a beautiful, timeless kitchen finish.

For help with your remodel, reach out to us at 662-895-4795 or receive an online quote today.