Top 10 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

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interior of an old, simple kitchen with an old-style white backsplash and white cabinets with brown accents

If you aren’t satisfied with your current kitchen cabinets’ look or functionality, why not make a change for new, modern kitchen cabinets instead? Installing new kitchen cabinets can completely transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

You likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you’re entertaining guests on your favorite holiday, cooking a delicious meal for your kids after a long day of work, or simply pouring yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, your kitchen is the focal point of your home.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current kitchen cabinets’ look or functionality, why not make a change for new, modern kitchen cabinets instead? Installing new kitchen cabinets can completely transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Consider taking the plunge and investing in new kitchen cabinets if any of the following scenarios resonate with you.

Old Design

In some cases, your kitchen cabinets may simply have an outdated design. If your cabinets were installed years or even decades ago, the chances are high that they don’t have a clean, modern design found in today’s remodels. Your cabinets may be made from wood or have ornate detailing that immediately dates your space.

Cabinets with an old design can be especially problematic if the rest of your home has a modern look and your kitchen cabinets are a stark contrast. You’ll be surprised to see just how big of a difference new cabinets will make.

Poor Quality

Cheap, low-quality cabinets can significantly impact your experience in the kitchen. Flimsy, damaged, rusted hinges or chipped cabinet facades will automatically detract from the rest of your kitchen regardless of how modern and put together it is.

If you’re going to invest in new kitchen cabinets, make sure to focus on the quality of the materials you’re choosing so you can be sure your money is worthwhile. Focus on aspects such as the hinges, knobs, doors, drawer systems, and overall finishes to ensure your cabinets will last for years to come.

Broken Drawers

Your kitchen drawers need to be fully functional to ensure you have enough storage space. If your drawers only partially work or won’t fully close, you may be able to get a bit more life out of them, but the end of their lifespan is near.

Upgrading your cabinets and drawers will provide significantly more space for you and your family to stay organized.

You Got New Appliances

If you change your appliances before you upgrade your kitchen cabinets, you will likely quickly notice that your new, modern appliances are no longer fitting in your kitchen. Cutting down your cabinets to accommodate your new appliances will cost you more in the long run.

As soon as you start to replace your appliances and upgrade them to something more modern, make sure you also upgrade your cabinets so they can accommodate the change.

You’re Always Cleaning

It’s no surprise that your kitchen is messy and requires cleaning daily, after all, it is where you spend a lot of your time. Spills happen, crumbs get spread, and fingerprints get on the countertops. This is all normal!

However, if your outdated cabinets easily show grime and they add a significant amount of time to your cleaning routine, you may want to upgrade them for a lower-maintenance material.

You Can’t Reach Important Items

Your kitchen cabinets will ideally make your life easier in the kitchen, not force you to bend in uncomfortable ways to reach your favorite pan. If you find yourself constantly reorganizing with the hope of making all of your items accessible, this is a sign you should consider upgrading.

The right kitchen drawers and cabinets will make it easy to access all of the food items and cooking accessories that you need.

Not Enough Space

Your countertops shouldn’t be the main area where you store your food, cooking utensils, plates, etc. If your countertops are overloaded with too much clutter, this likely means you don’t have enough cabinet space to store everything functionally.

Add in additional cabinets that are deep and spacious to allow for plenty of kitchen storage. Your countertops will look significantly cleaner this way as well.

Choppy Flow

Outdated kitchen designs may not lend themselves well to your day-to-day functionality. You may have plenty of kitchen cabinets, but they’re not configured efficiently.

For example, maybe the only cabinet big enough to store your plates is on the opposite side of the kitchen. This can disrupt your kitchen workflow and become a daily inconvenience. Custom cabinets can fit in every nook and cranny to help improve your kitchen’s flow and organization.

Odd Smells

All of the space inside and underneath your kitchen cabinets and drawers can become a breeding ground for bugs, mold, mildew, and more. Even worse, you’re likely unaware that these issues are happening, resulting in a lingering smell that you can’t seem to pinpoint.

In fact, you may not be able to reach these areas altogether, resulting in a smell that becomes worse and worse. The best solution is to replace the cabinets entirely to eliminate the odor.

Too Much Damage

There are many creative ways to conceal the home areas that you don’t love, but your kitchen cabinets are not one of them. Crooked or broken doors, misaligned drawers, or large scratches can detract from the beauty of your space.

Exterior damage may be a sign that your cabinets also have interior damage. Make sure to inspect both the inside and outside of your cabinets to assess the damage fully.


Upgrading to new kitchen cabinets can completely transform the look and flow of the heart of your home. Don’t settle for cabinets that are outdated, clunky, and inhibit your ability to enjoy your living space.

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