Tailor-Made Memphis Countertops to Suit Your Client’s Needs

Countertops in Memphis have a lot of market value these days, with many businesses and individuals willing to pay for quality countertops that have multiple functions both personally and professionally. If you still need to know which materials you need for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, let our informative article tell you everything you need to know.
Whether you’re a business owner who wants to transform the countertops of Memphis residents into something more high-end, or just a homeowner who wants to make the most out of your kitchen countertop space for productivity, we’ve got it covered.

Understanding the Memphis Market

Memphis is known for having a treasure trove of different artistic and architectural styles, from houses with Victorian architecture to modern buildings with sleek, minimalist designs.

If you have a bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Memphis, you need to work with trusted local contractors who can provide you with the best countertops tailored to your needs and preferences.

It’s essential to understand the culture and design of Memphis, so that you can offer the best selections for your clients.

Why You Need Tailor-made Countertops

Tailor-made countertops allow you to maximize productivity, work efficiently, and show your personality through small touches. From edge profiles to surface materials, we at My Southern Stone and Cabinets have whatever you’re looking for.
Do you need a countertop to withstand scratching from your knives and cutting boards? We can do that for you.
Do you need an elegant countertop that can add value to your house? We got you covered.
With My Southern Stone and Cabinets, we can make customized countertops for you, no matter your budget or style preference.

Southern Stone and Cabinets: Our Countertop Offers

Overview of Available Materials and Brands

If you’re worried that this whole countertop installation process might take a long time, don’t worry.
We’ll make things simple and easy to understand.


A leading name in luxury quartz surfaces, Cambria countertops are renowned for their stunning beauty, robust strength, and unparalleled performance. Cambria countertops are made from natural pure quartz. These countertops are a perfect blend of elegance and durability.


Known for its advanced surface materials, Dekton offers high-quality countertops resistant to scratches, stains, UV rays, and temperature changes. If your client seeks a modern, high-tech countertop material, Dekton is an excellent choice.


Scalea is a natural stone brand providing beautiful, long-lasting countertops. It offers a wide selection of stones, each with unique charm and benefits. If you want natural stone countertops, you can trust this brand to deliver for you.


Sensa countertops, by Cosentino, are made from high-quality natural granite and quartzite. Each slab has undergone treatment to ensure no stain stays there, making it look beautiful from day one.


As a world-leading brand in quartz surfaces, Silestone offers countertops with high stain, acid, shock, and scratch resistance. They come in over 90 colors, which is perfect for those who want a touch of color on their countertops in Memphis.


Vicostone is a globally recognized brand specializing in engineered quartz stone products. Vicostone countertops are known for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and eco-friendly manufacturing process. This is a perfect choice for modern homes.
These are some of our top selections, but we’ll gladly help you if you want more specific brands for your countertops.
You’d be happy to know that we also customize services that suit your tastes.

Customization Options and Process

If you’re worried that this whole countertop installation process might take a long time, don’t worry. We’ll make things simple and easy to understand.
Let us walk you through our standard processes:
  1. Every project starts with a consultation. This is where we listen to you as you tell us your vision and your preferences, along with your budget and timeline for the project.
  2. Once we’re done with the initial consultation, we’ll develop a design plan that meets your expectations and our recommendations on how we can transform your countertops.
  3. Then, we’ll help you choose the materials you want for your countertops. Whatever style preferences you have, we’re sure we have it in our warehouses.
  4. Once we’re all done with the discussions, choosing the materials, and the design plan, we’ll start working. We’ll notify you regularly about the progress and keep you updated.
  5. Finally, we clean up the debris, and you can begin to enjoy your newly-installed countertop immediately.
  6. We’ll also provide care instructions and maintenance advice to preserve your countertop’s precious quality for a long time. We call that end-to-end service, and we’re incredibly proud of it.
From consultation to cleaning up all the debris and teaching you how to maintain your newly-installed kitchen countertops, My Southern Stone and Cabinet has you covered. With us, you’re always in good hands.

The Benefits of Customization for Contractors and Businesses

When you offer your customers the opportunity to customize, it benefits your business in a lot of ways, both in the short-term and long-term.
Here are some of the benefits of customization for your business:

Client Satisfaction

Every business wants to achieve this at the end of each transaction. You can only make your clients happy if you do an impressive job and cater to their preferences.

Competitive Advantage

People are willing to pay for excellent service and quality results, specifically when it comes to their kitchen and bathroom countertops. You’re setting yourself apart from the competition by offering customization, resulting in more customers choosing you over the competition.

Increased profits

When you provide the option for customers to customize their countertops, you can earn more, as it typically costs more than regular countertop installations.


Customized countertops mean you’re helping your client maximize their kitchen or bathroom workspace. Your customers love when everything fits together like pieces to a puzzle.

Value for Money

If you plan to sell your house, investing in countertops can increase your home’s resale value. The value increases exponentially if you use materials like marble or granite countertops.

Brand Building

If you know how to provide excellent service to your clients, many will recommend you to their friends and family. This creates a great brand reputation, ensuring you get new customers simply because people trust you.

End-to-End Service

From consultation to clean-up, your customers will appreciate quality service. Because quality service is crucial in establishing repeat customers, as well as those customers recommending you to their family and friends.

Catering to Varied Client Needs and Preferences

It’s essential to cater to your client’s needs and preferences because they’re the bosses in every project. Thus, you should always prioritize their preferences and meet them halfway with your recommendations.
Memphis is known to be an artistic haven for creative people, so you can expect them to be quite detailed in everything, including countertops. Knowing your audience is vital in providing them with tailored service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Advantages of Offering a Broad Range of Materials

One of the reasons we offer many material selections for our countertops in Memphis is that we want our customers to have a wide variety of choices. Whether you are a homemaker who wants a functional kitchen countertop or a business person who wants a beautiful countertop for your restaurant, we cater to your needs.
We believe that having well-installed countertops can help you with your productivity and maximize your performance at home or in the office. Whatever style, color, design, or aesthetic you want to achieve, we at My Southern Stone and Cabinets can help you make that happen. We are committed to customer satisfaction because we built our name around it.

Partnership with Southern Stone and Cabinets

Benefits for Contractors and Businesses

When you work with us, you gain exclusive access to the best countertop materials in Memphis. Your business will benefit greatly when you invest in countertops that can help maximize workflow and productivity, not to mention the aesthetic points you’ll get from having stunning countertops.
You can always count on us to deliver and even exceed your expectations when you do your kitchen remodel in Memphis with us. Whether you like contemporary or traditional styles, we can do it confidently and effortlessly.
You can trust our team to provide your clients with the best quality of service.

Assurance of Quality and Durability

Our countertop materials at My Southern Stone and Cabinets come from the best suppliers. You know you’re getting what you paid for, and since we love exceeding your expectations, you can expect that we’ll deliver top-quality results.
We assure you that the quality of our countertop materials will speak for themselves. Coupled with our fantastic customer service, My Southern Stone and Cabinets knows how to make our customers smile.

It's Time to Step Up with My Southern Stone and Cabinets

My Southern Stone and Cabinets can elevate your business with our wide range of countertop materials from the best suppliers worldwide. We’ll never settle for the second best because you deserve only the best from us.
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