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We have spent years building solid relationships with general contractors in Memphis.

At Southern Stone and Cabinets, we have spent years building solid relationships with contractors and businesses to provide high-quality countertops in Memphis to everyone who walks in their door. Our products have upgraded and improved local contractors’ and businesses’ projects. Our various products are the right choice if you’re looking for highly durable and aesthetic countertops designs!

When Looking for Top-Quality Material Suppliers in Memphis, Here’s What You Should be Looking For?

When selecting a material provider, prioritize durability, aesthetics, and variety to ensure that you choose materials that meet your project’s needs. By considering these factors, you can find a provider that offers high-quality materials suitable for your specific requirements, allowing you to create beautiful and long-lasting results.


One crucial aspect is the durability of the materials they offer. Ensure that the provider uses high-quality materials known for their longevity and ability to withstand daily use in residential and commercial settings. Look for materials such as granite, marble, quartz, and others that are known for their durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and high temperatures. This ensures that the materials will maintain their beauty and design over the years, even with regular use.


The aesthetic appeal of the materials is another important consideration. Look for a material provider that offers a wide selection of options designed with outstanding detail. This allows you to find materials that not only perform well but also enhance the overall aesthetic component of your project. Look for a provider that offers a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to suit your specific design preferences or the preferences of your clients. Having a range of options ensures that you can find materials that align with the desired look and feel of your project.


Every project has unique design visions and requirements. Look for a material provider that offers a diverse selection of materials. From different types of stones like marble, granite, and quartz to various colors, patterns, and textures, a provider with a wide variety of options allows for customization. This ensures that you can find the perfect materials that align with your project requirements and design preferences. Having access to a range of options gives you the flexibility to create distinct styles and stand out with your projects.

Here's Why General Contractors in Memphis Choose Southern Stone and Cabinets...

General contractors are professionals responsible for overseeing construction projects from start to finish, coordinating various trades, and ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget.

Regarding general contractors in Memphis, it’s crucial to provide clients with the best options for countertops. Southern Stone and Cabinets is the go-to choice for general contractors looking to deliver exceptional client results.

With Southern Stone and Cabinet, general contractors can provide their clients with unmatched quality and value countertops. Southern Stone’s commitment to using top-quality materials ensures that their countertops are built to last, withstand heavy use, and maintain their beauty over time.
Lastly, by choosing Southern Stone, general contractors can have confidence in the company’s ability to deliver high-quality countertops promptly, enabling them to complete their projects within deadlines.

Explore Our Countertop Stone Materials


Granite countertops are the best choice for their exceptional durability and natural beauty. They are highly resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making them ideal for busy or high-traffic areas. Our granite countertops in Memphis have various colors and patterns that offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic.


Limestone countertops offer a unique and sophisticated look to any space. They are known for their warm and earthy tones, creating a welcoming ambiance. While limestone is softer than other countertop materials, it can still be an excellent choice for low-traffic areas when properly sealed and maintained.

a river blue marble countertop surface that features a bluish white background with cloudy veining pattern in gray and brown


Marble countertops exude luxury and elegance. They are prized for their stunning veining patterns and luminous appearance. While marble requires regular sealing and maintenance, it offers a timeless beauty that can elevate any space and create a high-end aesthetic.


Quartz countertops are famous for their durability, low maintenance, and wide range of colors and patterns. As an engineered stone, quartz is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Our quartz countertop in Memphis offers a consistent and uniform appearance, making it an excellent option for modern and contemporary designs.

a Mont Blanc quartzite countertop surface that features dramatic charcoal veining pattern with white crystals and gold details over the cool white background


Quartzite countertops combine the beauty of natural stone with exceptional durability. They are formed from sandstone undergoing intense heat and pressure, resulting in a more complex and durable material. Quartzite offers various colors and unique patterns, making it a versatile choice for different design styles.

a vegha sinetered stone countertop surface that has a storm-like gray color

Sintered Stone

Sintered stone countertops are a revolutionary material known for their exceptional durability and versatility. It is made by compacting natural minerals at high temperatures, resulting in a highly resistant and low-maintenance surface. It offers a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, making it an ideal choice for contemporary and high-traffic areas.

a Mont Blanc quartzite countertop surface that features dramatic charcoal veining pattern with white crystals and gold details over the cool white background


Travertine countertops bring natural beauty and rustic charm to any space. They are characterized by their unique pitted surface and earthy colors. While travertine requires regular sealing and maintenance to prevent staining, it offers a distinct and warm aesthetic that can enhance traditional and contemporary designs.

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