Pros and Cons of White Quartz Countertops

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a white quartz countertop by the rectangular backsplash in white and above the gray cabinets

Quartz ranks high up the list of countertop choices for homeowners because of its beauty and durability. With so many options available, homeowners are sure to have a difficult decision selecting one that fits their home. But when it comes to raw elegance and sophistication, arguably none can compete with white quartz. We say “arguable” because of the pros and cons of white quartz. In this article, we’ll be discussing white quartz countertops pros and cons to give you a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of White Quartz Countertops

White quartz stone is one of the best countertops choices because it brings so many advantages to the table. Read about white quartz benefits below.


White quartz countertops are built from white quartz stone, among other things. The material itself lends to one of the best qualities of white quartz countertops: their durability. And by durable, we don’t mean the ability to withstand the blow of a hammer or the wrath of someone who’s willing to destroy it purposefully. When we say durable, it means the ability to stay as beautiful as it is for long periods.

To explain the durability of a white quartz countertop, you can look at all the potential damage it is exposed to in a busy kitchen. Knives falling everywhere, appliances being moved, and liquids spilling almost all the time. White quartz can resist these potential damages to your countertop and then some, giving you a pristine countertop for years to come.


As an engineered stone, white quartz can possess the best range of available designs for stone countertops. With a wide array of designs that can just as easily be engineered, you are presented with a plethora of design choices that can fit any aesthetic. Just think about the design possibilities available to you when you go with white quartz and you get one of the best white quartz benefits: its unmatched design versatility.

Clean Look

In color psychology, the color white symbolizes a clean slate and purity. From a design perspective, white presents a neutral color choice that’s perfect for any design. It’s a look that always emulates elegance and exudes sophistication. Combine that with a soft sheen and you’ve got a pristine white quartz countertop that will never lose its appeal. Whether you’re looking for a plain white quartz countertop or one with a subtle veining pattern, you can never go wrong with the clean, unadulterated look of white quartz.

Spacious Feel

The neutrality of white gives the illusion of space to any room. For white quartz, any bathroom or kitchen looks brighter and more spacious when you use more white surfaces, such as a brilliant white quartz countertop, because of its ability to reflect more light. Plus, you get the benefit of a pleasant white backdrop that can make food prep a delight.

Less Maintenance

Remember what we said about durability? All of its durable qualities and ability to resist damage limits the need for regular maintenance . Well, not as much as other stone countertops, for that matter. Just wipe up spills immediately and avoid dropping heavy objects, and you’re good. You don’t have to seal and reseal the countertop surface every few months to maintain its elegance and luster.

Cons of White Quartz Countertops

Now on to the next half of our white quartz countertops pros and cons. Not many negative things can be said about white quartz, but we’ve come up with a few disadvantages as well. Read about the “cons” part of the pros and cons of white quartz below.

‘Susceptible’ to Dirt

White hides nothing, especially when in the middle of your kitchen. A spill here and it can be seen from a mile away. That’s one of the worst – and best – things about a white surface. That means spill soy sauce or wine on the surface and it will look blemished and remain so if you don’t clean it up immediately. But that’s also a good thing since you can notice it right away and be able to clean up for a spotless surface.

High Cost

Quartz countertops are not cheap at all. White quartz countertops cost more, especially because of the supports required to hold their weight. If your budget is limited and will call for you to skimp on your cabinets and supports, then perhaps this isn’t an ideal choice for you. But do know that white quartz countertops cost less than marble or granite, so it’s actually a more budget-friendly alternative to other stone countertops.

Vulnerable to Heat

Despite its durability and resistance to spills, there is one thing that stands to destroy the charm of your countertop: extreme heat. That means it can easily get scorch marks when exposed to extreme heat from a flame or hot pan. Make sure to place heat pads all over your countertop if you’re ever tempted to place a hot pan on your countertop surface.

Difficult to Install

Quartz countertops present a challenge during installation because of their heavy weight. Quartz is a dense material, so installation can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Make sure you take the time to understand what kind of supports the countertop needs for any DIY project you undertake, or else you risk damaging it. The best way is to leave it to the professionals.


There you have it – the pros and cons of white quartz. Did the white quartz pros and cons you saw above influence your decision?

White quartz countertops are one of the best choices for your new kitchen countertop project because of their unmatched beauty and elegance. Make the best decision of your life and start your journey to the kitchen of your dreams with a white quartz countertop from Pro Stone Countertops. Give us a call at 662-895-4795 or fill-up this form to schedule a free consultation.