Transform Your Kitchen with Stunning Marble Countertops in Memphis

Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Elegant and Durable Marble Countertops from Southern Stone

At Southern Stone, we are on a mission to make Memphis homes come alive with timeless beauty and enduring strength through our marble countertops. You will have no trouble finding the perfect marble slab for your countertop with our handpicked selection of Carrara, Breccia, and Calacatta marble slabs from our reputable suppliers. And, with our consultation and installation process, you will get a result that aligns with what you have envisioned for your dream kitchen or bathroom.

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The Marvel of Marble with Southern Stone

Enduring Beauty

Marble has an ageless allure that stands the test of time in aesthetics and value. Southern Stone offers marble countertops that can give your home a touch of timeless elegance and turn a functional space, like a kitchen, into a work of art. We offer all varieties of genuine marble, so whether you want the cost-effectiveness of Carrara marble, the wide range of shades of Breccia marble, or the whiteness and dark veining of Calacatta marble, you will find the perfect marble countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

Sturdy and Resilient

Marble has natural heat resistance and hardness. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about artificial marble. And, not all marble pieces have the same quality since some of these may have stains and cracks that compromise their appeal and long-term durability. This is why we only provide natural marble to our clients and source our marble countertops from ISO-certified suppliers. With Southern Stone, you can expect to only get the best natural marble countertops in Memphis.

Unique Veining

Your home should thrive in individuality and character, and the unique veining of marble countertops gives the perfect touch for a space to look and feel unique. Whatever marble type you want for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, our team has you covered. We always choose marble slabs without stains and know how to cut and place each slab for the best effect on your bathroom or kitchen’s appeal.

Why Marble Countertops are the Perfect Choice for Memphis Homes

Marble is the epitome of class and sophistication. It makes them an ideal countertop choice for your new or remodeled bathroom or kitchen.

Classy Aesthetics

Marble’s soft glow and intricate veining can enhance any space or any decor style. Whether you are going for a traditional look or a more modern appeal, marble is the perfect material to serve as your countertop. It has a timeless appeal that can complement any space and a wide range of styles. So, if you want a functional piece to enhance your kitchen or bathroom, a marble countertop is perfect for your Memphis home.

Stays Cool Naturally

The summers in Memphis can be scorching hot and using a countertop material that absorbs this heat can only make your bathroom or kitchen uninviting. With marble being a natural and strong insulator, it will not absorb and radiate heat to its surroundings at night after a hot day. Marble countertops can also resist the heat emitted by hot cookware, so you can have an easier time preparing food.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Marble countertops can increase the return on investment from your home with how potential buyers perceive its added value to a property. With the competitive real estate market in Memphis, you are more likely to attract interest from potential buyers so you will have an easier time selling your home in the future. However, this does not mean that marble countertops are among the most expensive. To illustrate, although marble and quartz countertops are comparable in cost in Memphis, marble countertops signify luxury, so homebuyers tend to assign a greater value to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular cleaning with a pH-neutral stone cleaner and non-abrasive pads can maintain the shine and longevity of your marble countertops. Using coasters and trivets is also recommended to prevent heat and moisture damage. Periodic resealing will protect it from stains and etching. 

Acidic substances, like citrus, coffee, and wine, can stain marble countertops, and abrasive materials and excessive force can scratch them. But, with proper care and sealing, the risk of stains and scratches can be minimized.

Marble is in the middle to higher range in terms of cost compared to other countertop materials. But, it has the one of highest potential for increasing the value of your home because of its luxurious look.

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