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Personalize Your Culinary Space with Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Southern Stone

If you want to make your dream kitchen cabinets for your Collierville home a reality, Southern Stone is the best contractor that you can choose in Tennessee. Our passion for designing and building designer cabinets ensures that you will get the aesthetic and functionality that you are looking for in your kitchen. Choose us and get ready for the transformation that you have been dreaming about!

With Southern Stone, you are not just choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen. You are letting our team design the cabinets that you have been dreaming of. Our cabinets are sure to provide all your storage and functional needs. So, look no further than the kitchen remodeling experts here at Southern Stone.

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Elevate your Collierville culinary space with Southern Stone’s expert kitchen remodelers. Discover the different aesthetic possibilities and functional options to optimize storage and reduce clutter in your kitchen.
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The Beauty of Custom Cabinets

Unique Designs

You can achieve a unique look for your kitchen with the wide variety of designs available and the different ways you can customize your kitchen cabinets. No matter what style you choose, your kitchen cabinets will have a tailored appearance that resonates with your style preferences.

Tailored for You

Custom cabinets give you the freedom to satisfy your unique design preferences and create an appearance that stands out. You can tailor custom kitchen cabinets to have the storage space, features and accessibility features you need.

Maximized Space

Custom cabinets are designed specifically for the shape and dimension of your kitchen. You can also install tailored storage solutions to get as much storage space for your kitchen.

Optimized Functionality

Tailored to your specific storage requirements, custom cabinets allow you to store and organize your kitchen items without any trouble. You can have specially designed storage spaces to keep your kitchen free from clutter.

A Worthy Investment

Custom cabinets are a great investment for your kitchen. They can stand the test of time, offering enduring beauty and functionality for years to come.

Why Choose Southern Stone

Great Attention to Detail

We understand that it’s the small details that make a big difference. This is why we pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the build and design, so we can build your cabinets with precision and personalization.

Experienced Craftsmen

You can trust us to design and build your cabinets. With the wealth of skill and experience in our team, you can expect an excellent result that has enduring beauty and functionality.

Customer Service Second to None

Your satisfaction is our priority from start to finish of Southern Stone’s custom cabinet process. Our team will work with you in creating the design you love and will never proceed to build your custom cabinets without your approval.

A Team You Can Trust

We don’t just design, build, and install cabinets for our clients. We build lasting relationships based on trust, ensuring your experience with us is as remarkable as the cabinets you get.

Southern Stone's Custom Cabinet Process

Our custom cabinet process is our secret to delivering consistent and excellent results to our clients. Here’s what goes on in Southern Stone’s custom cabinet process:


Our custom cabinet process starts with our free consultation, where we listen to you tell us about your vision, preferences, and functional needs for your kitchen cabinets. This is also the stage where our team will inspect your kitchen and determine its layout and dimensions. Our team will ask questions as they seek to understand your style and needs, ensuring that the result aligns with your expectations.

Design and Blueprint

Once our team gains an understanding of what you want for your cabinets and the dimensions and layout of your kitchen, we will start the design and blueprint phase. This stage is a collaborative process with you to ensure you approve of every detail. By the end, you will have a clear and detailed blueprint of how your custom cabinets will look in your kitchen.


This is part of the process where our master craftsmen start to bring your custom kitchen cabinets to life. From their careful selection of materials to their building expertise, they will bring what’s in the blueprint into reality and create a beautiful set of cabinets for your kitchen.


When they are finished, our team will bring your new kitchen cabinets to your space in Collierville, TN. We have an efficient installation process, so you can expect minimal disruption to your routine. When we’re done, you will get perfectly installed and functional custom cabinets for your kitchen.

Unlock the Beauty of Your Collierville Kitchen with Custom Cabinets by Southern Stone

Transform your kitchen with elegant and functional custom cabinets. With our team’s meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service, you can expect custom cabinets that will create the best look for your Collierville kitchen. Get started by booking your free consultation with our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, it takes our team 8 to 12 weeks to finish the whole process of designing, building, and installing custom kitchen cabinets for our customers. This process starts with a consultation to gain an understanding of the client’s needs and vision and the kitchen’s unique architecture. This is followed by a design phase, where we translate the ideas and information we collected into a blueprint. Once the blueprint has been approved by the client and given feedback, we will proceed with the building of the cabinets and then installation. The actual time frame may be shorter or longer depending on the number, features, and complexity of your custom kitchen cabinets.
We use natural wood for our kitchen cabinets, including alder, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and white cherry. We have a variety of finishes available, such as blue smoke, cappuccino, celery, coffee, denim blue, galaxy, graphite, icy mint, ivory, light, medium, natural, nutmeg, and onyx.
Due to our commitment to sustainability, we only have eco-friendly cabinet materials and hardware. We also only source our natural wood materials from suppliers producing them sustainably and responsibly.

Give Your Collierville Kitchen a Personalized Flair with Custom Cabinets by Southern Stone

Infuse your Collierville kitchen with distinctive character and style with custom cabinets made by Southern Stone. Let our team handle the design, construction, and installation of your kitchen cabinets to create a space that reflects your personality and conveys the look and feel you want in your home.
Let’s embark on the journey of creating your kitchen masterpiece, where personalized design meets functional elegance. Let Southern Stone provide you with the quality kitchen cabinets they are known for in Collierville, TN! Book your FREE consultation with our team and discover your kitchen’s possibilities today!