How to Match Granite Countertops with Your Kitchen Cabinets

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a kitchen with dark wood cabinetry and flooring, beige countertop and walls, and stainless steel appliances

When it comes to matching granite and kitchen counters, the options are endless. We’ve put together a few tips to learn how to match kitchen cabinets and countertops.

A kitchen that adds value to a property and is worthy of investment is practical and aesthetically pleasing. As the famous French architect and writer Le Corbusier once said: “The home should be the treasure chest of living.” And, your kitchen is no different. It is a space routinely centered around providing sustenance for life well-lived.

When it comes to matching granite and kitchen counters, the options are endless. Granite is a popular and beautiful stone, but finding harmony between the two can be challenging, especially if you expect a return on your investment. We’ve put together a few tips to learn how to match kitchen cabinets and countertops .

Determine a Color Palette

A color palette will guide the unified look and feel of your kitchen. You should consider the color of the walls, counters, cabinets, flooring, and backsplashes as it will make it easier to determine the appropriate granite stone. Even if you’re not entirely sure of the exact color countertop you want, this process will help eliminate options that will automatically be deemed a bad fit.

Decide on the Right Pairing

As a rule of thumb, there are two types of color pairings when matching granite with cabinets; contrasting or complementary colors. Contrasting colors means choosing a combination of light and dark colors, for example, blue cabinets with white granite countertops. Opting for complementary colors means choosing granite and kitchen cabinets that are different but within the same color shade, for example, dark brown cabinets and light-brown granite.

Complementary Pairing

Complementary pairing doesn’t insinuate you have to have a dull or monotone kitchen; it merely means your granite color will be a similar shade to your cabinets. For example, if you want a minimal, all-white kitchen, you could have white granite countertops with light gray veins that break the monotony but still retain a cohesive look.

Fixtures and finishes play a large role in complementary color pairing and offer interesting design possibilities to play with shape and texture. For instance, if you have a complementary brown or beige kitchen, you could play around with brass fittings to make the granite’s natural colors pop.

Contrasting Pairing

Contrasting pairing produces a bold look because you’re matching light cabinets with dark countertops and vice versa, for example, white kitchen cabinets with black countertops. Contrasting colors, particularly black and white, have been a popular alternative to the gray trend for quite some time.

Dark granite countertops with white cabinets remain a staple favorite and appeal to most as they create a neutral color palette to which different decor elements can be added to suit traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. Tan, blue and green granite can also work well with light kitchen cabinets.

Choose the Right Granite Pattern

White and Tan Granite

White cabinets with tan granite is a classic style that took off in the 90s and is still found in many homes today. Granite is a natural stone and isn’t available in pure tan. However, Azurite, which contains a variety of browns, including tan, works well with our white cabinets. Using granite that contains tan brings an earthy warmness into what otherwise might be a sterile and cold kitchen and is a good option if you’re looking for a less stark combination.

Medium-Dark Granite

There isn’t a single best cabinet color for dark granite. Darker shades of the stone come in brown, gray, blue, and green and combine more cohesively with darker or medium-dark cabinets like ourExpresso,Coffee, andGinger. OurBaltic Brown,Brown Persa,Golden Lightning, and Lemurian Blue Granite are good options if you’re going for medium-dark granite.

Black and Other Dark Granite

If you’re looking for granite to go with white cabinets, you don’t get more classic than Arabian Nights granite with white countertops, but that’s not the only combination for dark granite. Since 2020, darker kitchens have come into vogue. Bold homeowners choose dark cabinets and dark granite – like Black Galaxy with gold flecks that their brass fittings enhance. Black granite also matches well with gray cabinets and even dark green and blue ones.

Ask the Experts

If you’re still struggling to decide, then procure the help of an expert. At Pro Stone Countertops, we have over 20 years of experience fabricating and designing kitchen cabinets and countertops. We’ll come to your home to assess what combination will work best in your space. We can provide brand-new cabinets and countertops, renovate existing ones, and offer a wealth of knowledge that combines practicality and trends, ensuring you’re satisfied with the result.

Set a Budget

With our wide selection of granite tiles, it’s easy to get carried away with potential design options. However, the budget will always remain the ultimate determining factor. Some types of granite are more expensive than others. This has to do with the stone’s rarity and origin location.

Keep in mind that edging and finishes also vary in price, which can make you land up spending more, even if you’ve chosen a cheaper granite. When our team knows your budget, we can tailor specific options to suit your financial needs but still help you achieve the color palette you desire.

Bring a Cabinet Door to the Showroom

We know it sounds ridiculous, but it really does help to bring a cabinet door to the showroom, especially if you’ve already installed cabinets or want to keep your current ones. A legitimate sample will always trump a smartphone photograph as the camera settings can alter the cabinet’s true color. It’s easier to determine what counter you’d like when you can hold the cabinet door against different granite samples.


Learning how to match granite countertops with cabinets isn’t daunting when you have a team of experts to guide you. At Pro Stone Countertops, we have over 200 granite stones to choose from, as well as a range of cabinetry options for those re-modeling or building their kitchens from scratch. Our expert team has helped many happy customers in Memphis, and East Arkansas choose their perfect cabinet and countertop combination. contact us online!