How to Care for Absolute Black Honed Granite

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a kitchen with an Agatha black granite countertop with built in stove and plant decorations that contrasts the white cabinets and blends with the dark brown accent walls

Granite has always been among the most preferred natural materials for home projects. So, when the world started the matte trend, there’s a granite color to match it, too. It is the Absolute Black Honed Granite, and it has absolutely been getting some demand.

The love for Absolute Black Honed Granite comes with how it provides this elegance to your home. Your surfaces will always look and feel rich to the touch. But, it is also because of this surface that you can notice any imperfections clear as day.

It’s common knowledge how you must clean up after any spill or mess on these surfaces right away. For such a good quality stone, appropriate clean up can also get intimidating. To ensure proper upkeep for your surfaces, we hope you find the tips we have for you below useful.

Absolute Black Honed Granite

One of the details that can affect a homeowner’s choice of countertop is its finish. The Granite’s surface should also contribute to the look and feel of the home. There are many finishes to Granite, like Polished and Leathered, and one of them is Honed Granite.

Honing Granite is when the manufacturer stops the stone’s polishing process right before it becomes shiny. This leaves the stone with an even but matte surface. The surface will then have a noticeably less sheen than its Polished counterpart. Flecking patterns, which are ever so present in Granite, may not appear as pronounced also. This will then make the slab less slippery, making it more useful for areas that are prone to splashing.

Absolute Black Honed Granite is in demand for being the best black hue available for this finish. There are only very few rooms that a sleek black countertop would not fit in well. This finish is also perfect for the minimalist or modern vision for your interiors. It also already stands out so much on its own.

Taking Good Care of your Absolute Black Honed Granite

Proper maintenance is a must to make your home’s beauty lasts; the same goes for your countertops. You wouldn’t want to lose this slab’s elegance to wear and tear, spills and messes. There are some specific steps for maintaining this countertop’s appearance. But, they are well worth it to learn.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of tips for caring for your Absolute Black Honed Granite below. From how to clean honed granite to what elements you should avoid, there should be a few tricks that you can use.

Cleaning Honed Granite

You place this stone in specific parts of your home as it boasts this durability you get from natural stone. These are also the parts of your home that get exposed to most elements. Consistent care is still needed as with all-natural stone countertops.

Honed Black Granite maintenance still entails the usual cleaning routine. This routine asks that you wipe off any mess with a soft, damp cloth right away. Afterward, you can wipe the area with another dry towel to avoid moisture from seeping in. Weekly scrubbing is also found to help keep dirt out.

For more thorough cleaning, non-acidic and non-abrasive cleaning products are best for this. It’s still just as easy as spraying the product on and rinsing it off with warm water. Make sure that you wipe it off further with a soft cloth, so there are no scratches.

Harder to remove stains is also a scenario that we cannot avoid. The same goes for fingerprints and oil stains. We have a better way to deal with this than the usual stronger cleaners that may only do more damage than good.

  1. Create a thick paste by slowly pouring in warm water to half a cup of baking soda. Mix and work on a consistency that is not too runny nor thick.
  2. Apply the paste on to the tough stain and cover it with cling or plastic film. Keep the film in place with adhesive tape and keep it on overnight.
  3. Take off the plastic wrap the next day. The past should have hardened on the surface, so carefully scrape it off with a silicone or plastic putty knife.
  4. Rinse the remaining paste with warm water. You can wipe it off with a soft kitchen towel afterward.

Sealing Absolute Black Honed Granite

Absolute Black Honed Granite is less porous due to it being a dark Granite. But, like all-natural stone countertops, they are not entirely resistant to water and stains. Honed Granite Countertop maintenance should still include the periodic application of natural stone sealants.

Here’s how to apply the sealant on your countertop surfaces:

  1. Spray the product all over the slab.
  2. Further spread the sealant on the surface by wiping through the sprayed areas with a soft cloth.
  3. Give the sealant about an hour to dry.
  4. Apply a second coating of the sealant using the previous steps.

You can apply the sealant twice a year, every six months. This ensures that the elegance of your countertop is preserved for a longer time. This also protects the stone and is good upkeep for its durability.

Avoiding Certain Products

Many primary cleaning products contain elements that may compromise the condition of your surfaces. Knowing what you should avoid is also vital for countertop maintenance.

  • Abrasive items. These can promote scratches on your surface and can scrape away the sealant. You should avoid scrubbing with steel wool or hard-bristle brushes. Knives should also not be used directly on the surface.
  • Acids. These can easily cause deep stains on your surfaces. You should not be spilling any citrus juices, vinegar, or acidic cleaners on your countertops.
  • Alkalis. These can etch your surfaces, affecting durability. These are often present in basic cleaning agents.

Your Absolute Black Honed Granite countertops can contribute so much to the personality of your home. Preserving its beauty and durability should be paramount. With excellent maintenance, this countertop will be serving you well throughout its lifespan.

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