Granite Grandeur:

Is It the Right Countertop Choice for Your Memphis Home?

Granite countertops in Memphis have become a trend because of their reputation for showing versatility and elegance, enhancing kitchens and bathrooms. But before you buy one, is granite really the perfect option for you if you’re planning on upgrading your Memphis home?

Read on to have a comprehensive look at the power of granite, its alluring quality, compatibility with local Memphis homes, and tips for maintaining it. With this article, you will be equipped with enough knowledge to know if granite countertops are the right choice for your home.

The Allure of Granite Countertops in Memphis

Granite's Natural Beauty

Granite displays an utterly unique palette of mineral deposits, veins, and granular patterns. It’s like a fingerprint where no two are exactly alike.

From jet black to creamy white, fiery red to cool blue, granite makes a dramatic style statement. The intricate textures formed over centuries lend depth and visual intrigue. If you want a countertop that reflects nature’s beauty, this natural stone will not disappoint.

Durability Defined

Granite is also known for its durability. That’s why most homeowners choose it for their countertops. Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar; that’s why it’s extraordinarily hard and scratch-resistant. When properly sealed, granite countertops can withstand decades of regular use with minimal wear.

Of course, granites are also heat-resistant and nonporous. It won’t scorch or stain easily like some other materials. If you want your countertops to handle life’s messy accidents and long-term heavy use, granite has got you covered.

a countertop corner with bold veins in varying colors of gold, black, gray, beige, and blue that creates a unique pattern on the stone surface

Value Proposition

Lastly, granite is known for having a high upfront cost compared to engineered stone or laminates. The reason for this is granite offers unmatched long-term value. Thanks to its properties, your kitchen and bathroom’s aesthetic appeal can increase your Memphis home’s resale value significantly.

Granite’s longevity also reduces the need for replacement, saving you money in the long run. For those looking for enduring beauty and an investment in their home, granite is a perfect option.

Granite and the Memphis Home

a matte-finished gray granite countertop with white and gray veining and fruits on top

Climate Compatibility

How does granite fare specifically in Memphis’ climate? Fortunately, it’s an ideal match. Granite is unaffected by humidity and withstands Memphis’ sweltering summers without issue.

It also does not expand and contract with temperature swings that cause some materials to crack. For durability amidst Memphis’ climate, granite checks all the boxes.

Dark-themed kitchen that features a gray kitchen island with black sink, black faucet, decorative plant, mortar and pestle, and tray with glasses and pitcher on it

Local Trend Analysis

Granite is increasingly popular amongst Memphis homeowners, and for good reason. Granite meshes beautifully with kitchen design trends in Memphis, emphasizing large islands and open-concept spaces.

Given Memphis’ hot, humid summers, granite’s heat resistance also makes it a practical choice. Homeowners desire low-maintenance materials that can handle busy family life – granite satisfies this need gorgeously. As Memphis home values rise, so does the appeal of luxury touches like granite.

a clean kitchen that features beige countertop with sink, white cabinets, creamy beige walls, a stove, and other decorative displays

Design Harmony

How does granite complement Memphis’ range of architectural styles? From traditional to modern spaces, granite’s versatility shines. In old-world-inspired homes, classic white, beige, or black granite adds timeless elegance.

Contemporary homes can showcase dynamic colors and bold veining for dramatic effect. Granite’s texture also adds visual flair across styles from Farmhouses to Craftsman bungalows. Thoughtfully integrated, granite harmonizes beautifully with Memphis’ diverse design aesthetics.

Care and Longevity of Granite Countertops

white and gray kitchen interior with spring flowers, granite countertops, white cabinetry, blue tiled backsplash, and stainless steel kitchen appliances

Maintenance Mantra

Granite requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking like new. Simply clean with mild dish soap and water regularly, avoiding harsh chemicals. Annual resealing of the pores will reinforce water resistance.

Avoid exposing granite to extreme heat, standing liquid, or abrasive scouring pads. Taking these basic measures will maintain the radiant beauty of your investment for decades.

a kitchen with wooden kitchen island, beige flecked countertops, white bottom cabinets, and gray top cabinets

Avoiding Wear and Tear

How can you prevent damage to granite surfaces? Use cutting boards, hot pads, and coasters to prevent scratching, burns, or stains. Clean spills promptly to minimize absorption. 

Sharply impacting the surface with heavy objects can chip the stone. Take care not to drop cookware or appliances. Support joints between countertop slabs to prevent cracks if settling occurs. With prudent care, your granite will deliver a lifetime of service.

a kitchen interior featuring white cabinetry topped with black countertops, and a kitchen island in gray base and white countertop, hardwood floors, and stainless appliances

Professional Touch

Ready to keep your granite countertop in tip-top shape? Consider annual professional maintenance. Techs can re-hone areas worn from use, reseal the surface, and address any damage incurred.

Opt for deep cleaning every few years to remove built-up residues. Professionally addressing issues promptly keeps granite in flawless condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Countertops

Yes, upgraded countertops like granite can significantly increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. These materials signal that care and investment have gone into the home. Stylish granite will make your kitchen look luxurious, modern, and high-end.

Natural stone conveys a sense of timeless elegance. Countertops make a statement, and upgraded materials show you’ve created a kitchen or bath built to last rather than cutting corners. With their durability and aesthetic impact, materials like granite offer excellent return on investment when selling your home.

Installing a countertop yourself is possible but can be tricky. The heavy material requires extra support. Most homeowners opt to hire a professional installer for a seamless fit.

Measure the length x width of each section to get the square footage, then add them all up to get the total countertop area needed. Be sure to account for any cutouts needed for sinks or stoves.

Regular cleaning with a mild soap and water is best for most countertops. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could scratch the surface. Sanitize frequently used areas. Sealing and polishing can help keep countertops looking new.

Resurfacing kits can make old countertops look brand new! DIY options include epoxy coatings and concrete overlays. For a seamless look, replacement may be better than resurfacing an existing top.

So, make sure to hire countertop experts from your area. But if you’re from Memphis or its surrounding area, we can help you with all your countertop needs!

Granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface. Granite and quartz are natural stones and engineered stones, respectively, and are valued for beauty and durability. Laminate is affordable and available in many colors and patterns.

Consider your budget, lifestyle, and kitchen style when choosing countertops. How durable do they need to be? What look do you love? If you need help, contact us, and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Quartz is engineered from natural stone and resins, while granite is 100% natural stone. Both are durable, but quartz is practically maintenance-free. Granite needs periodic sealing. Quartz offers more consistent coloring throughout slabs.

Yes, granite is an excellent long-term material for countertops. It is composed of extremely hard minerals like quartz and feldspar. Granite can withstand decades of heavy usage with minimal wear or damage when properly sealed and cared for.

Its nonporous surface resists stains, heat, and moisture. With routine maintenance like annual resealing, a granite countertop can provide a lifetime of beauty and durability in a kitchen or bathroom.

The Best Granite Countertops in Memphis

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