Improve Efficiency with a

Commercial Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen struggling to serve its customers? Is it ill-equipped or poorly designed to provide the service you expect? Give it new life with a renovation and watch your business reap its benefits!

With a commercial kitchen renovation, your business can:

Unlock the potential of your business with a newly renovated commercial kitchen designed and built by Southern Stone & Cabinets! Contact us today to start your kitchen’s remodel and start bringing your business to new heights!

Why Choose Southern Stone & Cabinets

Southern Stone & Cabinets offers unparalleled expertise in commercial kitchen renovations, ensuring efficient layouts and top-notch craftsmanship. Our process guarantees a stress-free experience for our clients and completion that is on time, budget, and without any corners cut. With our team, expect durable and stylish kitchens tailored to your needs made from high-quality materials.

Experience and Expertise

Southern Stone & Cabinets delivers unmatched results for your kitchen renovation needs. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to maximize your kitchen’s layout for efficiency and functionality. From concept to completion, you can leave the transformation of your commercial kitchen in our hands.

Stress-Free Process

Take the stress out of your commercial kitchen renovation project with Southern Stone & Cabinets. Our team provides a smooth and efficient process from start to finish of the project. We show up on time, never cut any corners, and get the job done within your budget and on schedule.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

With Southern Stone & Cabinets, you can expect a kitchen crafted to withstand the demands of your business and to serve as an efficient workspace for your team. You can expect an inviting and stylish commercial kitchen that can inspire and enhance the productivity of your team, and you will be proud enough to give a tour around.

Customized Solutions

Every kitchen is unique and your particular requirements add more constraints on the best way you can design your commercial kitchen. This is why Southern Stone & Cabinets takes a customized approach to every project and ensures every part caters to your needs, including its layout, cabinets, and countertops.
home interior with a hardwood floor, a living room, a wooden dining table, a white and brown kitchen island with a sink, and chandelier lighting fixtures with candle designs.

High-Quality Materials

Southern Stone & Cabinets exclusively uses high-quality materials for our kitchen renovation projects. Whether it’s a gourmet chef’s kitchen or revitalizing a busy commercial kitchen, we prioritize quality above all else. From durable countertops to commercial equipment, every aspect of your kitchen is carefully selected to meet its rigorous demands.

Our Renovation Process


The initial consultation is where we learn about your vision and requirements for your commercial kitchen. The knowledge we gain during this meeting allows us to create a plan tailored to your needs and goals. Every detail is discussed from the kitchen’s layout to your preferences for your cabinet or countertop’s appearance.


During this phase, our team will start planning every detail of your new commercial kitchen. We will refine what we’ve learned during the initial consultation and various collaborative sessions to create a comprehensive design. And, before finalizing it for construction, we will provide you with a 3D rendering of the design so you can visualize your space with unparalleled clarity.


Our team will use the designs you approved in constructing your commercial kitchen. Every detail is meticulously implemented while minimizing downtime and keeping everything on schedule. You can rest assured everything adheres to codes and regulations, ensuring your kitchen is safe for your team and customers.

Final Walkthrough

As the final phase, our team will meticulously inspect your new kitchen to ensure every detail meets your expectations and is in line with your approved plan. From the placement of every fixture to the finish of each surface, we are committed to deliver a flawless result on the scheduled date.

Services Offered

Complete Kitchen Overhaul

Southern Stone & Cabinets offers complete renovation to revitalize your commercial kitchen from the ground up. From redesigning your layout to enhancing its aesthetics, we can transform your kitchen according to your requirements.

Equipment Upgrades

Are you looking to increase the capacity or productivity of your kitchen? Let Southern Stone & Cabinets give it an upgrade with the most reliable and durable commercial kitchen equipment brands in the industry.

Safety and Compliance

The safety of your kitchen is crucial for your business, employees, and customers. From fire safety systems to food safety standards, Southern Stone & Cabinets can help ensure the compliance of your commercial kitchen with local regulations and industry standards.

Custom Solutions

Southern Stone & Cabinets offers custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Whether your kitchen is in a restaurant, hotel, cooperative space, or home, we will work closely with you to develop solutions to your needs and preferences

Even if it’s only for your kitchen’s countertop and cabinet remodel, you can trust Southern Stone & Cabinets with your renovation plans.

The Importance of a Modern Commercial Kitchen

Having a modern commercial kitchen can benefit your business by ensuring its efficiency and increasing the satisfaction of your employees. It is also crucial for ensuring a positive customer experience and sustainability of your business practices.


Updating your commercial kitchen into a modern one can enhance its productivity and streamline workflows, allowing your business to serve more customers and reduce wait times between orders.

Employee Satisfaction

Investing in a modern commercial kitchen can provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for your culinary team. These can reduce the physical strain and simplify their tasks, leading to happier and more motivated staff.

Positive Customer Experience

A modern commercial kitchen can help ensure prompt service and delivery of consistent quality to your customers. These two are key to increasing their satisfaction and making them loyal customers.


Modern commercial kitchens have energy-efficient equipment and employ waste reduction and eco-friendly practices, reducing the environment of your business and allowing you to attract environmentally-conscious customers.

Start Upgrading Your Commercial Kitchen Today!

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