Cabinet Hardware Trends for

Memphis Homes

Explore your different options for your cabinet hardware and discover how you can use it to redefine the look and feel of cabinets in your Memphis home. Explore the latest cabinet hardware trends in Memphis today!

The Impact of Hardware on Aesthetics

Aside from the functionality they provide, the knobs, pulls, and handles of your cabinets are like the jewelry of your cabinetry. It completes the look of your cabinets and accentuates the statement of the style you are trying to convey in your space. It ties the room together to create a harmonious and cohesive appearance for your bathroom, kitchen, or living space. 

Alternatively, cabinet hardware can break the monotony of your cabinet’s appearance with striking designs or contrasting colors. It can also add character to your space or express your individual style with unique or custom designs.

Current Trends in Cabinet Hardware for Memphis Homes

a modern kitchen with a brown accent wall, gray shelving, white bottom cabinets, and white white countertops with a brown table extension and chairs

Mixed Metals

Mixing different metals or finishes is a growing cabinet hardware trend in Memphis homes. Mixing brass, copper, chrome, and black metal creates a unique and eclectic look for your home’s cabinets. With the different combinations available, this approach offers great flexibility in tying together the various design elements in your kitchen, bathroom, or living space.
A darkly decorated kitchen with wooden bottom cabinets, a countertop and backsplash finished in concrete, a black shelf, a gray vase, plant decorations, and wooden chopping boards

Matte Black Finish

Matte black hardware gives your cabinets a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The lack of shine or gloss creates a subdued, but still, elegant appearance. And, unlike hardware with a gloss finish, smudges and watermarks are not as evident, which helps maintain a sleek appearance despite heavy use. 

A matte black finish is a great choice for traditional, contemporary, and modern hardware. It works great for complementing the design of a modern interior or toning down cabinets with a traditional appearance.

Brushed Gold

Gold as a color is timeless and persists through various design styles and trends. Having a brushed gold finish on your hardware adds a contemporary look and creates a subtle, muted luster. 

Brushed gold is a great option if you like gold color on your cabinets but prefer a warmer and inviting look. It offers great versatility with how it can contrast navy, black, and other dark hues and complement white, cream, and other warm-colored cabinets. As long as you have the right design, brushed gold hardware can fit your space whether it’s traditional, rustic, contemporary, minimalistic, or modern.

Minimalist Designs

With its clean lines and simple shapes, minimalist hardware exudes a sleek and functional appearance that goes well in minimalist, contemporary, and modern interiors. Standard finishes in this design include matte and glossy blacks, whites, and grays. But, you can also find glossy or brushed silvers and golds that can add subtle accents to modern and contemporary spaces.
a simplistic kitchen with wooden floors, cream marble patterned countertop, white cabinets, and kitchen island

Vintage-Inspired Pieces

Vintage-inspired cabinet hardware adds rustic charm and a sense of history and craftsmanship to your space. Some examples of these pieces include antique brass knobs, glass pulls, and ceramic handles from bygone eras, and pieces with intricate designs like embossed patterns, filigree, and aged finishes. 

Vintage-inspired pieces can be paired with raised panel or arched cabinet doors to create a cohesive traditional design or with shaker-style cabinet doors to create contrast with their clean and straight lines.

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How to Choose Hardware for Different Cabinet Styles

Cabinet hardware enhances the overall look of your space. Choosing the right one for your bathroom, kitchen, or living space is essential for a cohesive impression and ambiance for your space. Here’s how you can choose the right cabinet hardware for your space:

1. Identify the Style of Your Space

Before selecting your cabinet hardware, you need to identify the interior design style where you will place your cabinets. Whether it’s traditional, modern, or transitional, identifying your style and understanding its overarching theme will help narrow down your choices to the best designs, colors, and themes that complement or contrast your space. 

Below is a short guide you can use for narrowing down your hardware options to the ones that suit the popular cabinet design styles in Memphis, TN:

2. Decide Whether to Use Pulls or Knobs

The choice between pulls or knobs for your cabinets is a matter of preference. As long as it suits the design you are creating, you can choose whatever cabinet hardware you prefer. You can even combine the two to create a different look. For example, you can use knobs on all upper cabinets and pulls on lower cabinets, or knobs on all cabinet doors and pulls on all drawers. 

Pulls (or handles) are more popular since they have two attachment points that allow for better durability. On the other hand, knobs are better at creating a statement given their larger visual impact and larger space for elaborate details and designs.

3. Consider Additional Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is not limited to knobs and pulls. Consider adding the following hardware to your cabinetry:


All cabinet doors have hinges. Most of them are concealed Euro hinges, since frameless cabinets are more popular among homeowners given their affordability and flexibility in style. But, if you have framed cabinets, you have several design options for styling your cabinetry with hinges.

Full-extension drawer slides

Full-extension drawer slides allow you to have complete access to your drawers. You can choose from under-mount, side-mount, and bottom-mount drawer slides.


Backplates are placed between the cabinet and knobs or pulls. It protects the cabinet finish and covers holes from previous hardware. Backplates are a great way to add detail, dimension, and a customized look to your cabinets.

Cabinet latches

Although it is not commonly used, latches are a necessity for cabinet doors that you want secured shut. This is mainly for preventing easy access or for maintaining a tidy appearance. You can choose from magnetic, bail, turn, push, and slide latches.

4. Determine the Size of Cabinet Hardware

Your cabinet hardware should have the appropriate size to create a proportional look. Here are our recommendations on the size of your cabinet pulls and knobs:

5. Choose the Material and Finish

Cabinet hardware is available in a wide variety of materials. Most of these are metals like brass, bronze, stainless steel, pewter, and nickel. But, there is also glass, crystal, ceramic, and wood cabinet hardware. What you choose depends on your preferences and the interior design style of the space. 

As for the finish, you can choose from: antique, brushed, burnished, matte, oil-rubbed, polished, painted, satin, or weathered. 

Here are some suggestions on the material and finish to choose based on the design style of your kitchen, bathroom, or living space:

If you choose to install visible hinges and latches on your cabinets, make sure to choose a material or finish that matches your knobs and pulls. Preferably, it should be made of the same material and have the exact finish.

For a more striking impression in your interiors, you can coordinate your cabinet hardware and countertop design by creating contrast or matching their color or finish. You can click here to learn more about our premium curated selection of countertops and see how you can match or complement your hardware cabinetry with them.

Ways to Incorporate Memphis’ Unique Style

Memphis, Tennessee boasts a rich architectural heritage. Here are some ways to incorporate the place’s unique design elements into your choice of cabinet hardware:
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