Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

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wood cabinet doors samples in varying colors and design

While choosing the best material for your kitchen cabinets may not seem like a tough choice, you may quickly realize just how many options there are. Rest assured that our design experts are here to provide invaluable guidance to help transform your space!

Our team at Pro Stone Countertops is always staying on top of the latest design trends and happenings, and 2021 is no exception. While there are always classic color palettes that will make any kitchen timeless, there are endless possibilities for creativity and bold choices to help your space come to life.

With such a large variety of textures, shades, tints, and undertones, you may not know which color will best complete your space. While choosing the best material for your kitchen cabinets may not seem like a tough choice, you may quickly realize just how many options there are. Rest assured that our design experts are here to provide invaluable guidance to help transform your space!

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends From the Past

Let’s first take a look at some of the more outdated kitchen cabinet colors that have come and gone. Each era is representative of different design styles and aesthetics. For example, the 1950s and 1960s are associated with bright and pastel color schemes paired with yellow or pink kitchen cabinets for a bold, eye-catching look.

As time went on, colors such as light green, bright green, and orange all made their appearance in kitchens, as the most popular colors for cabinets and countertops mimicked common fruit colors.

In the 1970s, kitchen cabinet paint colors shifted toward browns and golds, and wallpaper adorned many kitchen walls. In the 2000s, more color was all the rage, with shades of pink, orange, deep red, and peach all extremely popular.

But what about today’s kitchen cabinet color trends?

Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors in 2021

We’ve outlined what we think will be some of the top choices for kitchen cabinets this upcoming year. Whether you use one of these exact colors or you simply use them to spark inspiration, we can’t wait to see the beautiful transformation of your space!

Color #1: Coffee

Bright, airy kitchen cabinets are beautiful, but have you considered going for something dark instead? Coffee cabinets are incredibly neutral, and they feature a rich, deep brown color that pairs beautifully with a contrasting paint color such as cream or white.

This is an extremely timeless option, as it is suitable for a variety of decorative styles. While stained wooden cabinets used to pull from more of a grey base color, coffee-colored cabinets have more warmth through brown undertones.

Color #2: Celery

If you’re looking for a neutral kitchen cabinet color that is a bit out of your comfort zone, celery cabinets are a great option to consider. Just as the name suggests, celery cabinets feature a light green color that pairs well with a variety of other paint colors and finishes.

This color base tends to read a bit more grey than yellow, so it would pair beautifully with dark grey paint or a light and bright quartz countertop. Feel free to get creative with this one. We can tell it will be popular this year!

Color #3: Denim Blue

Denim blue is another kitchen cabinet color that will push you out of your comfort zone for the better. This deep, rich, and simply beautiful color will be the focal point of your kitchen, as it is a unique choice without being too obscure. Plus, blue colors are associated with helping your space appear larger than it actually is, a feat that is not always easy to accomplish.

For a crisp and clean look, pair your denim cabinets with white paint and white subway tile for a sophisticated and modern look.

Color #4: Onyx

Onyx, very close in appearance to black, is another emerging kitchen cabinet trend in 2021. Although you may be a bit apprehensive about choosing such a dark and daring color for such a prominent aspect of your kitchen, the payoff can be huge.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have a small kitchen as is, you may want to consider another option, as black can make your space seem smaller than it is.

While you don’t want to overdo it with too many black accents in your kitchen, choosing black cabinets can achieve a timeless look when paired with a simple paint color such as white or ivory.

Color #5: Fog

Fog is a stunning light grey that is on the cooler side. We know you may be sick of seeing greys everywhere in recent years, but fog is a sophisticated take on a classic. This light color will add an effortless sense of elegance while still being modern.

To ensure your kitchen isn’t overly grey and gloomy, make sure to pair it with bright and inviting paint color and pops of color to create a balanced space.

Color #6: Jade

Green is making its way into multiple 2021 kitchen cabinet trends, and the results will blow you away! Jade is quickly becoming one of our favorite options for a unique and neutral green. It adds just the right amount of color without looking out of place.

You don’t want to overdo it by adding in too many green elements to your space, so let your cabinets be the center of attention. Complement your cabinet choice by adding in other earthy tones such as brown and ivory for a calming effect.

Color #7: Bisque

Bisque is a unique mix between cream and brown, most closely resembling a light camel color. This light tan color is extremely versatile and lends itself well to other bold, more daring design elements because it is so neutral.

Because this is a warm white color, it is naturally welcoming and looks flawless in a variety of design styles such as modern, architectural, traditional, and contemporary. Regardless of your design aesthetic, consider bisque as a top contender for your kitchen cabinets.


Our team at Pro Stone Countertops is excited about the emerging 2021 kitchen cabinet trends! We pride ourselves on staying updated on the latest design trends to help you create the space of your dreams. We also use the most updated design software to achieve unbeatable results, always standing behind our work quality.

If you need more help picking out the right kitchen cabinets for your space or you’re interested in learning more about our process, we’d love to help! Our design experts can help you choose from a wide variety of options, and we’re only a phone call away. Reach out to our team today to tell us more about your project!