10 Trendy Ways to Use Granite Remnants

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block square samples of granite in varying colors and patterns

If you aren’t sure what to do with granite remnants, think twice before throwing it out! Believe it or not, scrap granite pieces have many practical and beautiful uses throughout your home.

You don’t need to use granite for your countertops to make a statement! Granite is an igneous rock composed of alkali feldspar, quartz, and plagioclase, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is often used for kitchen or bathroom countertops, but there may be leftover pieces at the end of your project.

If you aren’t sure what to do with granite remnants, think twice before throwing it out! Believe it or not, scrap granite pieces have many practical and beautiful uses throughout your home. We hope you can find inspiration in one of the following benefits.

Idea #1: Food Serving Trays

If you have a piece of granite that is big enough, why not use it as a food serving tray when guests come over? Even if the remnant isn’t perfectly cut or shaped, it is still a beautiful use of your leftover granite.

Use the tray to serve guests cheese and snacks when they come over, or use the slab as a decorative addition to your coffee table, styled with books and candles. Trays are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways.

Idea #2: Coasters

Coasters are an easy and functional use of your leftover granite pieces, as they will help protect your other furniture from becoming damaged. Even if you already have plenty of coasters in your home, you can always package some leftover coasters and give them as gifts to friends or family.

If you need to trim any of your granite to serve its purpose as a coaster better, we recommend using a tile cutter, depending on how thick or thin the granite slab is.

Idea #3: Cutting Boards

Another use for granite remnants is turning them into a functional and beautiful cutting board. Cutting boards can help protect your kitchen countertops from any knife damage. If you know of someone who recently moved into a new space, you can even consider gifting them a granite cutting board as a housewarming gift.

Idea #4: Bedside Tables

If you’re looking to make a statement in your bedroom, consider crafting a unique granite side table with your excess granite pieces. Although this route may take a bit more tools and craftsmanship, the payoff will be worth it!

Even if the table is small and simple, the fact that it’s made from granite will surely be a showstopper for guests and family members alike.

Idea #5: Outdoor Benches

Your kitchen countertop offcuts may also be used as a unique and eye-catching outdoor bench. This bench will be perfect to use in a luscious backyard garden or set near a fireplace to enjoy the warmth.

This is an especially good idea, as granite is a naturally water-resistant material. You won’t have to worry about the elements taking their toll on your new granite bench.

Idea #6: Shelving

Another consideration of what to do with leftover granite pieces is to transform them into beautiful floating shelves. Even if you don’t need excess shelving from a functional standpoint, installing them in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or even bedroom can add a stylish touch.

Because the granite will match other granite in your home, using the scrap pieces as shelves can tie together your home’s design and create fluidity in your space.

Idea #7: Wall Art

Large blank walls can be tricky to fill and decorate, but leaving them blank can be a little too boring. Even if using your granite scrap pieces in this way is out of your comfort zone, know that is a unique option that will make your space that much more memorable.

Your granite wall art may even inspire your friends and family to do the same with their leftover pieces.

Idea #8: Backsplashes

More traditional use of your leftover granite is to transform it into a backsplash. Backsplashes play an integral part in the design of both kitchens and bathrooms as they help create a sense of continuity.

If you’ve already installed your countertops and you have enough extra material also to make it into a backsplash, consider doing so! You can also add it into your shower if you want to bring in a new design element while still choosing an option used in other areas of your home.

Idea #9: Flooring

While more traditional options such as wooden floors or tile floors are popular across the board, stand out with a more unique flooring option like granite. You can choose to lay it out in a pattern or simply use it as is. Regardless, the result will be durable and eye-catching.

Idea #10: Lamp Bases

Elevate any basic lamp by transforming the base into a beautiful granite design! Tap into your creative side and attach the granite onto the base of your lamp to create a truly unique look.

This will be a decorative accent that you treasure for years to come!

Can’t Decide on the Best Idea?

Some other additional uses for granite remnants include an outdoor water fountain, bar carts, a mosaic pathway, flowerbed borders, window sills, on the fireplace, and so many more!

If you can’t seem to find the right use of your granite or you simply aren’t interested in using it throughout your home, you can either sell them or donate them. These pieces can always be used in one way or another.


The opportunities to use your granite remnants are seemingly endless. With a little creativity and the right vision for your space, you can turn your unused material into one of the most fully functional and aesthetically pleasing areas of your home.

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